Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Decisions can come at quite a cost to us. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Making decisions can be very hard at times.

I, personally, am in the process of making the decision to quit chemo. The chemo has been extremely hard on me and today is Tuesday. I just began to feel half way normal yesterday. The chemo and the anti-body took place last Wednesday. Guess what? Tomorrow is the anti-body AGAIN!!! I have lost most all of my hair, it began last Monday, and my face looks like a roadmap that you put the little push pins in to say I have gone here or I am going here. It's like a connect the dots. I was still nauseated yesterday. The doctor says that means that the anti-body is working.

Tomorrow after I have this anti-body I will only have one more left and then I will get another PET Scan. That's the scan, you may know, that tells you if there is any more cancer in your body.

You have been such an amazing "Blog Family" I can hardly believe it. You pray and pray and care and love....thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Hopefully, I will feel like blogging again this week.

I have to go get my hair "buzzed" today so I can wear the wigs I chose without all of the scabs and hair falling out. I forgot to tell you that from the antibody my scalp is one big scab. Actually it's lots of little scabs but you can't really tell it because it feels like one big one.

Thank you again for all of your comments, love and prayers!
Please pray that we (basically I) make the right decision.


Louise said...

Dearest Arlene,
May God give wisdom and direction in your decisions. May He guide your steps and direct your path ... Most of the time I believe He does this without our knowing that it is He directing us. His ways aren't ours and we can trust Him explicitly - especially when our hair's falling out and we're covered in scabs! When doctor's reports say one thing and His Word says another. I doubt this is the path you would have chosen to walk my dear friend, but you will learn things this way that you could not have learned otherwise. That has proven true in so many circumstances in my own life.

I recently read these words in a song: "Thank You for the valley I walked through today .." Oh that we may truly say those words and mean them.

May he comfort you and give you peace. May you know He's as close as the next breath you take. May healing come to your body according to the Lord's time table ... He is never late. May the next PET scan show that treatment IS working for your good and the glory of God.

You are a child of the King most High. He calls you by name and knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb. What a blessed woman you are!

May peace like a river flood over your soul. May you rest in Him and know that He is working on your behalf.

Pat said...

Sweet Arlene,
The decision on continuing chemo is so private and personal - I have no advice but I will pray for you, that whatever choice you make your heart will be at perfect peace. We know that God gives wisdom to the Doctors and we know that by His stripes we are healed...our life and breath is in His hands.
Right now I come in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ - asking for wisdom, peace and direction Lord as Arlene seeks to know your will. Comfort, minister and wrap your loving arms around my dear friend and her family as they seek your face. Let them know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much they are loved...and that you Father desire only the best for your children.
In Jesus name ~ amen.

Sara said...


Jim said...

Well, Arlene, I think you can feel that so many of us are praying for you. It's a little scary, isn't it.
I was there with my back and aneurysm surgery all in one month back a ways. People would tell me they were praying, but somehow I just knew and felt it too.

I'm with Pat on the decission about the chemo. It must be encouraging to know that you are on the last lap of that race. It's nearly over!

In the meantime I'll be praying and waiting.

Becky said...


Deb said...

I am continuing to lift you up in prayer- and wish I could be at your home tomorrow evening for the prayer meeting!! KNOW that I will be joining forces at that time and storming heavens gates and stomping on the enemy on your behalf!!

Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining --I'm praying that that lining be revealed in your life and that you will experience the miraculous healing power of the Son has He shines through those clouds that surround you!

God is faithful. He is able --to do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY, ABOVE ALL that we can ask or think!!

Terry said...

I am praying Arlene...Love Terry

Live, Love, Laugh said...

God is in control and I will be lifting you up in my prayers. He is able to abundantly above all we ASK OR THINK!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Know dear sister in Christ that you are being lifted up in prayer, even when you are weak and fragile in body (your beautiful soul and spirit are what define you in God's eyes). May you find the only comfort that matters in Christ. May he strengthen you physically, mentally and spiritually as you are being healed. Praying for healing and life on your behalf.

Jada's Gigi said...

praying with you Arlene.

Vicki said...

Coming here from Donna's and wanted to leave you and big hug. Will be praying,dear one. God bless you and enable you with His grace.

Amrita said...

Keep going Arlene, the pill maybe bitter right now but it will yeild a good result.You are one brave lady...more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus as the Word says.

May the Lord give you strength and courage. God 's family is with you.

Mike said...

God said that faith, hope, and love will last forever, and the greatest of these is love. God will heal you. If you ever feel that you're losing faith or hope, look to Him and they will be restored. As for the greatest of these - love, it's God, it's inside of you, and it's all around you, just read your blog.

Felisol said...

Dear Arlene,
I know its tough. I've two cousines and my only brother going threw cancaer treament and just now the husband of my dearest friend is where you are.
I pray and hope that you will not give up. It may feel as a lonely, ugly battle but there's a whole lot praying for you and faily and friends depending on you.
I too pray that God will heal you, give you strenght and never take away tour hope.
Be a realist. Count on wonders!

Sara said...

UPDATE; Today, June 21, Arlene was hospitalized due to exhaustion and dehydration. She is fighting a urinary tract infection as well. Please remember she and Barry, as well as her medical team, in your prayers.

Arlene said...

Sara, Thanks for updating everyone for me. Love you and YES, By HIS stripes!

Arlene said...

Louise, thank you for your kind words. You are right, I have learned many things that I would never have learned without walking this path. I am so thankful for everything He has done and is doing in me! I am thankful for friends that will send you God's word when you need it most!