Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm posting to keep my Mom's blog active so I can print off her posts to save for my kids!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Info About My Mom

For info about my Mom please check my blog. It is better for me to write it there as I feel like I am cheating blogging under her blog name. My blog is under her friends and family as Am.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Mom

Hi, this is Arlene's daughter Amber. I wanted to let you all know how she is doing. Right now she is in the hospital for another round of chemo. She is doing pretty good. She had a very bad week last week. She was on liquid morphene and was having lots of trouble remembering things. My Dad took her off and within one day she was doing much better. She hadn't been staying up longer than an hour. Yesterday, three days later she was doing great. She stayed up for most of the day. She and my Dad came over my house for a visit, they stayed for two hours and she did wonderful. Shortly after they left, the hospital called and said her room was ready. She went in and got all set and started the chemo today. My Dad said she was nauseated but to the best of our knowledge she has not thrown up. They gave her some nerve medicine and she is sleeping now.

I am having a hard time thinking everything but if you have any questions you can leave them and I will try to check them and get back to you soon!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Update on Ron Again

Ron went home to be with the Lord tonight around 8:00 pm. Another friend Bill, went home yesterday. It has been a very hard week. Please keep these families in prayer. One was an accidental shooting and the other was just a long work of labor. I don't believe Ron ever came out of the coma. When they called me at 6:00 they said that they only gave him two hours. I could hear the grief in their voices.

Love you all!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wanted You To Know

This past Sunday I was asked to give the "Good News" about my continuing healing at Always In His Presence Ministries. God has been so good to me. I'm not even sure what all I said, but when I looked around many people were wiping their eyes. I had written out like 7 pages of things I thought needed to be said but when I got up there, they went out the window and I just spoke spontaneously from my Spirit. The people in this church have prayed and prayed and supported us so well. We have decided to attend this church. The ladies in this church are the ones that have written the dramas and music that we take into the prisons.

I just received an invitation from a Spanish Church in Canada to give my testimony. It's so important to do that. We don't have a passport but will have to get one. This Church has been so supportive of us. They are the ones that came to the Migrant Ministry we did in Adrian for 4 years. They sing and preach in the Migrant's language and believe me, we saw many souls saved during those 4 years as a result of their ministry.

Also I have been invited into a Hungarian Church that has taken us on like we can't even believe. They pray and pray for us. I haven't been given a date to come in there yet, but it will be in God's timing. I just know that I need to be ready when the time comes.

There is another church we call the Rock and Roll Church the Pastor sent word that he wanted me to give my testimony on video. Not sure when that one will happen either but God knows.

Now a prayer request for my neighbor - I'm not sure of any of the details but his wife sent me an email and said that their dog bit her husband's thumb off. They were able to reattach it but it will never be 100%. This was a dog that I never thought was anything but sweet. They did put the dog to sleep.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Red Letter Day!

As you know, it has been a tough couple of years for us. Actually it has been 3 years, but the 1st one wasn't so bad, with the exception of the ugly word cancer and all of the surprise and fear that goes with it. The reason the 1st wasn't so bad we thought everything was taken care of. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The doctor gave me the wrong medicine. Of course it wasn't the doctor that I have now.

So today I went to get the Avastan that I get on Thursdays. The port I have has not been working properly for the last 3 weeks, so I kind of had a panic attack at home. I was in the tub and didn't have the strength to get out. Thank God I waited until Barry got home so he could help me out. I have to say that was the 1st time I have cried, but it was so hard. I realized I was nervous over the port because if it did not work today, I would have to have a test to make sure it was in the the proper place and if it wasn't I would have to have it replaced, which meant a minor surgery.

I got there and the blood came flowing out quickly. Thank the Lord. Then I had to know if the blood levels were good enough for the Avastan, they were fine. I got the Avastan. Today was the last day that I had any appointments and I was out of some of the medicine. Debbie, his office assistant, said you really need to see him. I said I am so tired I don't think I can hold my eyes open long enough to sit there. Sometimes it is hours. Debbie loves us so much, she put us in right away. God's favor.

The doctor walked in the room shortly and shook our hands. How are you doing, he asked me. He said you look good and I see that you are wiggling your feet. That's a good thing. He checked my eyes and asked how I was walking and then checked the strength of my legs two different times and then said you are strong. He then had me lay down and he checked the liver. He was elated at how good I am doing. He said you are doing amazingly well. He also told us after checking to see if I was having headaches and so on he checked my eyes to make sure there was nothing there. He said the brain tumors are no longer an issue because they are gone.

He looked at Debbie and told her, this lady is going to make it. Translation: You shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. Psalms 118:17 (KJV). I didn't die, I lived and now I am telling the world what God did. Psalms 118:17 (The Message Bible)

Just last week even though I already knew I said to Barry, it would just be so good to have this healing validated. The Lord told me that he had already validated it, but still it is such a good thing to hear it from the doctor. Look what the Lord has done!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Update on Ron

Today I had to have my Avastan and while I was getting it, one of the nurses ask us how he was doing. We hadn't really heard. Barry went up to see him and he was being put on life support. He said there was so much activity in that room, as you can imagine. Apparently one of his lungs collapsed and because of his condition they decided to put him on life support. Carolyn is a mess, who wouldn't be? They have been going through this for 3 years now. I don't believe it has been this severe, as far as life support.

While I was sitting getting the medicine, Ron's sister walked in my room. She is exhausted with the whole thing too. She is the one that gave him the bone marrow transplant. They are also going to put him on dialysis when he is able.

She looked at me today and said I can't do this again. I lost my sister, my brother and my dad because of sugar and dialysis. Please pray for her too, if you don't mind.

If you would like to send them a word of encouragement please email me and I will give you their address. Please put in the subject line: Ron or address in case I don't know who you are.

Thank you all so much for caring. God bless. Love you!

Love and appreciate you so very, very much.