Monday, October 8, 2007

This Weekend

After radiation on Friday Barry and I took off for parts unknown. We like doing that, but it has been a long time since I was able to, so it felt so good. He had four days off and it was the 1st time we could coordinate that and me not being in the hospital and feeling strong enough to go somewhere.
We were just gonna go to some Apple Orchards out toward Romeo, but when we got there, there just wasn't much there. We went to one of the parks out there and I have to say it was really hot and disappointing.

From there we decided to see how far it was to Port Huron to the Blue Water Bridge, we had never been there. It was so blue and so beautiful. If you are unfamiliar with this Bridge it separates America from Canada. We also have one in Detroit that separates the two countries.

We were getting ready to leave there when Barry's brother called and asked what we were doing. We told him and he told us to take a trip around the Thumb and since we weren't far, we did that too. Lots of lake property. Although we love looking at it, we wouldn't want to live on the water that much.

There were NO bathrooms anywhere, no little towns with Mickey D's or anything else. It was getting to be about 6:30 and we were getting hungry and tired.

We finally come to this town called Port Austin and our friend, Roberta, calls and knew just where we were. She told us about this little place to eat called "The Bank". Apparently it had been a bank at one time and they turned it into a restaurant. Just one of those little bonuses God gives us along the way. It was so quaint and it had excellent food.

At that point, I was hoping we could find a hotel, even though it wasn't in our plans to stay. We wound up having to buy stuff for the evening and next day. We stayed in Bad Axe. It was just a Holiday Inn Express, but oh, so comfortable. It was about 17 miles from the restaurant. Didn't take too long, just unfamiliar territory, but that was ok.

Saturday we decided that we weren't that far from Frankenmuth and went over there. We didn't do much shopping but I felt like going to a Yankee Candle shop and they had a lot of buy 1 get 1 free stuff, so Barry bought me an Am a little fall scene that holds candles and of course makes your house smell so good. Am and I both love fall things. He then proceeded to buy her a Harvest Candle. Nothing like it in the fall with the weather being 90 degrees...oh my!

Then we went down to buy Hudsyn her Christmas stocking at Bronner's. It is SO cute. She's so tiny!


Anonymous said...

sounds like ya had a good time together, thanks for sharing it with us! AWESome pictues too!



Mrs. Mac said...

What a great weekend for you both ... and what's up with your weather??? Sounds like God was directing your plans with the added detours, food, and a restful night.

Pat said...

How gorgeous...and you and Barry aren't bad either! :)
What a wonderful get-away, just what the Lord ordered - and provided. I love that area of the state, in fact one of our favorite restaurants is The River Crab in St. Clair, just before you get to the Blue Water Bridge. It's not Gatlinburg, but it's still wonderful. It's the 'getting away together' part that makes it that way, no matter where you go. Let's all go to Gatlinburg next October and have a big 'ol Southern eating, praising God party!

KayMac said...

what a wonderful excursion!

Margie said...

it was soooo good to see you guys yesterday. You soothe my soul.

donna said...

So glad you got to have this time the pics...

hugs to you

Amrita said...

Seems you had a lovely time, God bless you both.