Sunday, October 21, 2007

The "T" Man


The "T" Man

Bear has been working 12 hours a day for the last little while. He wanted to go to breakfast when he got off today at 11. We started going to breakfast and he said you want to pick up "T" man today? I said sure. Kate was with her dad's family this weekend.

When Bear called Am, T was so happy to go. Sure I'm hungry he said. We picked him up and he was just the best. We had such a good time with him. He told his gramps that he wanted to come home with us but Bear told him that he had to go to bed cause he had to get up for work by 6 pm. It was near 1:00 by then.

He then asked me if he could stay with me and I told him I thought I might go shopping, however, I wore out before we got home.

We took him to the drug store with us and they had remote cars there. He was happy to go show his dad what he got. He is such a doll!

After we took him home, our niece Danielle, came to get him and Bella, along with Gracie to go to the park. It was a beautiful day today.

Anyway, apparently at the park some girls were making fun of Gracie. These little ones were about 5 and had NO parents with them.

Tristin is such a his dad...remember him and Gracie are both only 3. Doesn't that seem young to be a protector like that? Tristin apparently picked up a tree branch and started chasing the girls with it. He was pretty mad I guess.


Amrita said...

Thumbs Up to gracie,bella and T-Man

Amber Land said...

It would have been so lovely if all he had done was chase her with it. He picked up a big thick stick and hit her over the head with it, she picked it up and started chasing him. At which point they promply came home.

Anonymous said...

cute kids :)

thanks for sharing them!

and thanks for the visit!


Jim said...

Hi Arlene -- I'm glad you got to go out with the kids. They needed that, maybe you and Bear did too.
They are very cute kids.