Monday, July 2, 2007

SO Many Things To Pray For

I just got off of the phone with Kaitlynne's other grandmother about the little boy, Barry, that was killed. The family is, of course, extremely distraught. Kaitlynne's dad had her last night, but decided not to take her to the funeral home, which is a blessing. K is so sensitive and even her other grandmother said she doesn't need that memory. Thank the Lord we all agreed on that one, because they may not have felt the same way we did.

The 39 year old guy was definitely drunk. After he hit the little boy, kept going and parked his car at Walgreen's, then called his mother to come pick him up. Obviously, he was only thinking of himself. He had no headlights on either. The accident happened between 9 and 9:30 pm, when it was just getting dusk.

The little boy's mother and sister knew that the guy hit someone because they saw a body fly in the air. They ran across the street to see if they could help, only to find their son and brother. The accident happened right in front of their home.

The family has no insurance to bury this little guy, so they are asking anyone that would like to help contribute to it. Funerals are so very expensive.

I know that I asked for prayer for them before but when I talked to K's grandmother today, you could tell she is so weary and this isn't even her son. Her 11 year old son, Bradley, is taking it extremely hard. They were best friends.

The next thing I am asking is that around 6:00 pm tonight that you would join with us in corporate prayer for the PET Scan I have to take tomorrow. I am just believing God for great results and asking that you would pray and believe with us. Our family knows that you will do that, you are all so faithful to pray when there is a need. Thank you can't be expressed enough! I will get the results Thursday afternoon, at which time I will blog again.

God bless. Love and appreciate you all! BY HIS STRIPES!


Terry said...

Dear Arlene.
Just got on here to tell you that we will be praying for you tomorrow and I am so glad that you gave us the time that you will be having the scan.
So even though we will be praying throughout the day, it is good that we can ALL be praying together at 6:00pm.

That is so sad about the little boy and about all the people in his life that are feeling it so bad.
What a lot of broken hearts that need healing.

Arlene, you have my email?
It is on my site.
Please let me know how I can help the just a small way toward the funeral.
Let me know, OK?.....Praying for you all...Love Terry

Margie said...

Dear God, I know you must be so sick of hearing me, I just can't help it God. I know that YOU are the only one who heal Arlene. And Lord, I am asking You, begging You really that when the hospital does the PET scan that they don't find anything. Lord, I want to hear You laugh and see Your smile in the sun rays that You have healed Arlene and her cancer is gone. Lord, I ask that You just hold her up, that You wrap Your arms around her and Barry Lord. Give them peace and healing, Lord. We love You!! In Jesus' healing name, AMEN!

Felisol said...

Dear Arlene,
I have been thinking about you alll evening, and just now went to visit your blog to see how you are doing. Well, I thnk this is just the hour you've asked us to gather in prayer for you, and I'll do so.
Isn't it amazing how the spirit of God works. He's reminding me at 01.20 am in Norway to pray for Arlene, and them I am joining hands with Pilgrims on the other side of the world.
I'm going down to pray for you just now.

Amrita said...

Arlene, praying for you and the bereaved family.I will also check the websites

Tecla said...

Well written article.